Thursday, 3 September 2015


I've been thinking about the clown car and Bernie Sanders tonight. I know very little about American politics, even at the presidential level. You all make your choices, and I have no say in that and nor should I. Reasons to vote or not vote are complex and local. They can be one issue and against that or for that and nobody knows and I hate you! But whatever way your vote goes, it's valid.

My government is currently killing people. Okay, you could argue that they might have died anyway, as if that's some kind of excuse to torment them further, but they are withdrawing benefits on the basis that some box-ticker with no medical qualifications said they should. No government that is willfully killing its own citizens has any moral right to power. Yay! Something we can hopefully agree on, because I try very hard to not make friends with sociopaths.

But I have to say this. All you No voters, you helped this to happen. Even if you don't personally agree with it, this is what you voted for. You might have thought you were voting No for greater unity, for the good of the currency, for the future of your children, for more powers, but the truth is you weren't. If you paid any attention to politics you knew that. If you didn't pay any attention, then you should have stayed the fuck home on polling day, because the politically illiterate decided our fate, and I really resent that.

Vulnerable people in Scotland are dying because you said No. We can't decide to pull drowning Syrians and Libyans out the Mediterranean and take them in because you said No. We have to pay taxes to maintain nuclear weapons because you said No. I have to watch the naked, psychopathic glee at the grinding down of the most vulnerable people in our society, because You Said No.

Yet I still don't want a UDI (unilateral declaration of independence), because I respect your democratic right. And I do and I will. But if the UK votes to leave the EU then we will have to do a UDI, because you people have tortured me enough already over things that don't even affect me. I'm not losing my worker's and human rights to you. So yes to the EU or we are really fucking done. You wouldn't be human to me anymore. Vote yes for something. Even if it's not what you should have done in the first place.