Sunday, 25 May 2014


I'm watching Europe go fascist. This is so hard.

I hate A Clockwork Orange - I think it's a nasty little film with no artistic merit, and I despise rape as entertainment - but strapping people to chairs and making them watch The World At War on repeat until they beg for mercy is not a bad idea right now. Why is Europe voting for these people? Is nobody taught history anymore?

All people are my fellow people. I have no interest in separating people along political or economic or whatever other lines anyone can come up with, or putting them into little pat boxes. But the ultimate aim of fascism is total control. Everyone who goes to vote for a fascist party is saying "Take my vote away! Democracy is too hard for me!"

We can all be Eurosceptic, and expecting the EU to be more transparent, more accountable and more democratic are valid and noble goals. But with a European turnout at 36% can you see how not voting and the complaint that the EU is not democratic might just feed into each other? The crazies are having their say. Get off your fucking arse and go and vote. We have postal votes in the UK so if you're housebound or have mobility problems or in hospital or just a generally lazy bastard, you have a vote. Even if you spoil your ballot, or turn your paper into an aeroplane, or make the voting some fucking avant-garde statement about how cool you are for voting, or a great big circus on social media, I don't fucking care. Vote, until you can't anymore. Because that's closer than you think.

When Europe goes fascist, I'm blaming those that don't vote more than those who do.

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