Thursday, 17 October 2013

I accidentally started the third book

I thought of a really great character, but there was no way to shoehorn him into the current work in progress. (WIP.) He also doesn't fit in to the very loosely-plotted second book. By "loosely-plotted" I mostly mean firing up Microsoft Word and winging it. I really should outline because I get myself into terrible muddles, but that's boring. I like my characters to tell me where they're going to end up, rather than the other way round. This is very liberating, until they end up in some kind of plot black hole.

Since the third book deals with the theft of a Very Important Thing, I thought there was nobody better to find a thief than another thief. He's gorgeous in a crooked kind of way (crooked in the sense of criminal; he's not at a funny angle or anything) and I intend my female main character to have a bit of a will they/won't they thing going on with him. I might decide it's too tedious and wishy-washy. I spent most of Jane Eyre shouting "Oh, just get ON with it, woman!" and don't wish to inflict the same kind of frustration on my reader(s). Although it would be quite funny to put her through agonies about whether to go for it or not only to find out he's gay. I'm sure I mentioned before I have the evuls.

This hasn't served to kick my current WIP up the arse quite in the way I'd hoped, but at least I got something written. The second book, all 128 words of it, is quite openly glaring at me with undisguised jealousy - or is it contempt? Hard to tell - but at the moment I'm more interested in getting words on a page than being all linear.

The third book was my only realistic shot at NaNoWriMo, too, so that is totally blown. Unless I can come up with another brilliant idea in the next two weeks, which could happen. It won't be anything to do with this series. Three books is quite enough for this lot, thank you. I might try a spin-off, just to be original.

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